facial rejuvenation


Considering botox? Consider cosmetic acupuncture! Traditional Chinese Medicine understands that the health of the entire body is indicated on your face, indeed your face does reflect your true health!

A facial rejuvenation treatment series works to reduce the lines and wrinkles, redness, discolouration, even eye bags and dark circles by also treating the disharmony of the body systems.



This is an intensive treatment plan, with a series of 11 appointments in 8 weeks. Results will vary from individual to individual, with some people seeing results at the midway point in treatment.

Your first facial rejuvenation appointment will include detailed questions of your health and habits and will take approximately an hour and a half, while following appointments will be an hour.


Are you suffering? With pain, sports injury, mental distress, addictions, stress, infertility? Let me help support your return to better health.