Acupuncture uses your body’s natural channels and rhythms to enable the healing energy of the body to access the area impacted by the injury or illness. The energy of the body can then clear blockages and correct imbalances to relieve pain and encourage the body and the mind to heal.

One of acupuncture’s many strengths is its ability to manage pain and heal the body without chemical, surgical or pharmaceutical intervention. Acupuncture is effective in all aspects of physical health, whether in the acute stage of a sports injury, in the days post-operative recovery, or in the case of chronic back pain and sciatica.

Couples who are experiencing challenges with conceiving children have found that acupuncture is a very effective treatment on its own, and also an effective support treatment while undergoing IVF therapy.

In addition to being an effective treatment for physical health, acupuncture can be an excellent tool for mental health and can treat a wide variety of conditions that can otherwise results in addictions, destructive behaviour and eating disorders. Stress, anxiety and insomnia as well as depression and chronic fatigue are a few more conditions that acupuncture is quite effective in treating.

Western science offers that acupuncture allows the body to access its parasympathetic nervous system, the body’s “rest and digest” functions, that allow and encourage the body to heal from a very deep level.


Acupuncture is a gentle healing art. Although needles are used, the needles are extremely fine and insertion is minimally invasive. Many patients report that acupuncture treatments cause little pain or discomfort, and more often report that treatments are soothing and relaxing. For a few patients, there may be a temporary discomfort, but the results are well worth a brief moment of apprehension or slight pricking sensation. Your first acupuncture treatment will include questions regarding all aspects of your health and daily habits. Your practitioner will determine the best treatment for your condition. Typical courses of treatment vary with the severity of your condition, and can be as few as one or two appointments, but more often five to eight appointments may be required.

While your initial appointment will be slightly more than an hour, subsequent appointments will be less than an hour.


Are you suffering? With pain, sports injury, mental distress, addictions, stress, infertility? Let me help support your return to better health. One of the most enjoyable moments in my life is helping people regain their best health.