Healer. Coach. Health Advocate.

Heather brings a natural gift of healing to her profession of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. A healer, she identifies that healthcare has been her calling and helping people to be their best is the foundation from which she draws inspiration. The healing arts come in many forms and within these specialities there are variations of approach and understanding of how to heal injury, sickness and the soul. The TCM approach to your health considers all aspects of your body, organ systems and energy to create a treatment plan personally tailored to your specific needs.

Heather believes that the path to your best state of health is founded in personal, direct care, acknowledging a 360 ° vision of wellness. Heather offers an approach to your care that is holistic and responsive, optimized to maintain wellness and vitality throughout your life stages and to repair and replenish when illness or injury occur. Her approach to your care is grounded in proven medical practice, rational, thorough and above all, respectful of your desires and needs. Heather resides locally with her partner Mark, and between them they have 6 children, a dog and a boat, and a lifetime of happiness.